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Gran Bretagna

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Francia e Belgio

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Nord Europa

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  1. Funus Romanum - Collecciones Funerarias Romanas en la Europa Atlantica y Mediterranea (s. II a.C., s. VI d.C.)

Est Europa

  1. Early Medieval inhumation cemetery at S´ródka in Poznan
  2. Medieval Borderland Inhabitants - By Dariusz Krasnode
  3. The Goths in Greater Poland - By Tadeusz Makiewicz
  4. The archaeological research activities of the Branch comprise prehistory and Early Middle Ages archaeology of Loess Uplands, the Carpathians, the Carpathian Foothills and other Poland’s regions
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  8. Velkomoravské Pohrebistev Bukovanech U Kyjova - Rep. Ceca
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